Kangaroo Far Out incentive sticker aboriginal studies

We have some great Aboriginal Education products for students and children of all ages, have a look through and you can see our various products.
You can either purchase the products through here on the website, fax through a purchase order form, send through a cheque or go to the contact us for more information.
Hey what are you waiting for, click through and have a look…..

If you have any questions about these stickers, please email gregh@nakkarra.com.au.

A note to teachers

You have two options for buying Nakkarra Enterprises material at the moment. In our Shop section, you can buy incentive stickers using your Visa, Mastercard or PayPal account.
Alternatively, you are welcome to order your resources by fax. Just fax your purchase order form to 08 8415 1550.
NOTE: No matter how much you order, postage is only $5 per order, anywhere in Australia.
Greg Hodgkinson